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Management is a thought process and only education is not at all adequate to develop managers who will become leaders of tomorrow. Deepshikha Sansthan and the faculty knows and understands well what is the prime difference between bookish knowledge and practical experience and that is the prime reason why we have been making untiring efforts to make our masters in Business Administration an education program that is beyond books or I will call it a mission based education where mugging up the laws have no importance but understanding the management concepts is critical to development of a manager that others will envy.
Though our innovative concepts like campus connect programs and other development programs like industrial training activities make learning not a task but an experience that all our students endeavor.
Life is a school and time is a teacher and we believe that learning never ends. there is no doubt that we are learning till today after more than 35 years of education and having successfully educated more than 100000 students we believe that experience is a costly school and this is the prime reason why we have made our masters in business administration a program that is experience based.


Recognized Bachelor’s Degree of minimum 3 Yrs duration Obtained at least 50% (45% in case of candidate belonging

to reserved category) at the qualifying Examination with CMAT. 





Regional College for Edu., Research and Technology

Deepshikha Kala Sansthan Group of Institutions





Placement Update

Sarosh Khan
Company: Sahasra Group Batch: B.Tech. (EC)


Dear Parent & Candidate,

Subject : Prevention of Ragging                                                                              This is to draw your attention to Honorable Supreme Court of India‟s ruling and AICTE‟s regulations about strict legal and (criminal) punitive actions on acts of ragging in educational institutions. As per the recommendations, the apex court has said that ragging is unacceptable and must be deterred by exemplary and harsh punishment.

Our institute has been free from this menace because of the active cooperation of the faculty, students, parents and staff. We are trying to make our campus free from all kinds of toxins viz. ragging, consumption of liquor, other intoxicants tobacco, cigarette etc.

In our Institute if any student is found indulging in any activity, which comes in the category of ragging, then he becomes liable to any or all of following punishments:

1.   (i)  Suspension or expulsion from the hostel or the Institute,

2.   (ii)  Withholding of results,

3.   (iii)  Debarring from representation in events,

4.   (iv)  Withholding scholarships or other benefits, or

5.   (v)  Anything which the Disciplinary Committee finds suitable as per the enquiry conducted.

6.   (vi)  FIR to be filed with Police on receipt of complaint

As per the Report of the Raghavan Committee on ragging, constituted by Honorable Supreme Court of India, it is mandatory for the institutions to get an affidavit from parents of all the students of first year stating that their ward would refrain from any activity leading to an act of ragging.

AICTE rules also provide for stringent punishment if any student is found to be indulging in ragging. A copy of the AICTE regulations on curbing the menace of ragging is attached.

We solicit your valuable support in this regard as a parent, who is considered as a first teacher in the life of a young person. You are expected to advise and guide your ward accordingly.

The affidavits from the students as well as parents / guardian are required on a stamp paper of Rs. 10/- each separately as per Annexure 1 and 2 respectively. These are as per requirements of guidelines of AICTE as well as Supreme Court. The performa for these affidavits are also available on our website for your needful.

These affidavits duly filled in, signed and sworn by you and parent is to be submitted as soon as possilbe. Until we receive these affidavits, it may not be possible to register the student for the programme batch and allow his/her to sit in the classes scheduled and appear in the examinations.

It is hoped that with the support of all stakeholders we shall be able to make our campus completely free from the evil of ragging.



Deepshikha Group of Colleges

 anti_ragging_affidavit                                                         Prevention_and_prohibition_of_Ragging_Act2009    



Placement Update

Sarosh Khan
Company: Sahasra Group Batch: B.Tech. (EC)

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