Life at B.Tech College in Jaipur can be educative as well as entertaining. There are various kinds of exposures which a student gets while studying in the college, like:

Industrial Training

Internships, seminars and workshops are the best way to provide industry exposure to students. It helps to develop self confidence and esteem in them. At B.Tech College in Jaipur, various firms and companies conduct drives to select meritorious students and provide them with a good recognition in the company.

Quality Infrastructure

College becomes a second home of students. It has good infrastructural facilities like smart classrooms, green campus, technically well equipped laboratories, big airy classrooms, auditoriums and discussion rooms.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Non-Academic life

Hobbies help us to maintain a right balance between studies and leisure activitiesand that is why you should have hobbies in your life. Colleges organize various activities and programmes that help them take a break from studies and display non-academic skills. From being host to various educational events to music concerts and cultural events, colleges create an environment which provides a right balance between education and entertainment. After all, extra co-curricular activities are what makes students excel in academics as well.

Educational Trips

Learning isn’t complete till it involves fun. College organizes trips and excursions which give students a break from attending classes. Some of the advantages are as under:

  1. Practical knowledge about various aspects.
  2. Opportunity to develop artistic and aesthetic senses.
  3. Growth of problem-solving skills, self-confidence and observation power.

Sports and Cultural Activities

There is a huge connection between sports and grades. According to B.Tech College in Jaipur,sports help in keeping students away from sadness,maintain physical health and improve grades. Dedicating even an hour to sports or any other activity that the student likes can show a great improvement in grades. An engagement in sports makes the brain function better, increase concentration power and develops alertness. College organizes sports week at regular intervals.

Summing up,a student when taking admission in college can develop his personality holistically which proves to be of a great advantage later in his career life. All thanks to the amazing Campus life.

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