Importance of College Fests

Once entered in the college campus, students are involved with canteen, teachers, lectures, friends etc. However, as time for college fests arrive, the fun quotient shoots up. Various names are attributed to them like Kasturi, Malhar, Umang, Mood Indigo etc.

Most collegians swear by the fact that college is incomplete without these exciting annual festivals. Participating in Festivals is so much fun that students feel a vacuum in their lives at the end of the day. As an organizer or even a participant, students of best M.Tech Colleges in Rajasthan get to experience multitude of challenges and benefits that college fests provide.

There are various activities to engage in the merriment. Students can participate in the festivals of other M. Tech colleges as well to help organize their in-house fest. The methods of students’ participation however vary from college to college. Different colleges have different means of getting students involved from making announcements at student orientation programs, to putting up billboard notices or simply making announcements in classes. Some even make it compulsory for fresher students. Students who are keen for participation in activities, approach student council, college office or a similar student body.

For those still wondering why participation is such a big deal, there are several reasons. There are various kinds of skills that a student grasps through participation.

Helps Students to Grasp Management and Leadership Skills

Students of best M.Tech Colleges in Rajasthan get an opportunity to interact with seniors, juniors, and people from other colleges as well as professionals, which enhance their communication skills and bless them with leadership qualities. Besides, the experience polishes students’ management skills. They also learn how to tackle different people belonging to various backgrounds, when to put foot down, stand by some tough decisions and handle the appreciation as well as the criticism that come with it.

Helps learn networking and soft skills

Students learn to communicate effectively and multitask.Such skills also help students later in their career while getting hired where they can display these skills practically.Opportunities to interact with peers, sharing innovative ideas and establishing new connections while organizing any event helps students in longer run.

Merges Learning with Other Areas of Interests

Students have various skills sometimes hidden, which cannot be measured by evaluation.According to best M.Tech Colleges in Rajasthan some students have an artistic side to their personality which can be explored by organizing creatives or by getting involved in literature or a poetry competition or even by being a part of music programmes, dance and skit.

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