Celebrating College Life and the Festivals

As an engineering student from B. Tech College in Rajasthan, the candidate needs to be involved in extra co-curricular activities, apart from the studies. In order to explore something more apart from the theoretical knowledge and concepts, the students should enhance their knowledge by participating in technical and cultural fests organized by colleges.

College life is one of the most exciting, enthralling, exciting and important phases in anyone’s life. During this period, a student experiences and learns novel things. A college festival is not just for fun, it adds value to a student’s learning experience.

What is the purpose of Technical and Cultural Fest?
Reputedcolleges of Engineering in Rajasthan keep on organizing various college festivals at regular intervals.

Advantages of College Festivals-

  • It helps the academic institutions to bring together the students from across the country. This helps in creating a multi-cultural environment in the college.
  • Secondly, the college festivals promote innovative and novel ideas and allow students to share their knowledge and ideas.
  • Thirdly, attending these festivals gives information on the different areas of study. Sports events, quizzes, seminars, music and dance are the part of most of the college fests.Technical fests in the engineering colleges include popular events like Application Development, Robotics, Coding, Hacking and Web Designing.

In today’s time, cultural and technical festivals are considered as an important part of the academic session. Hackathons are organised in almost all the B. Tech College in Rajasthan and along with various kinds of competitive programmes to promote and encourage the technical aspects of learning of students in accordance with the curriculum of engineering. There are various local college festivals which are organised regularly, which helps the student to interact with other students of the colleges of the city of the same field. This helps to build a strong and effective circle of engineering students who can acquire the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. It also helps students to learn to collaborate and work with the team.

The students learning coding and involved in web designing explore the community of aspiring engineers in a better way and this assists the students to develop a sense of dedication and commitment to achieve their goals, later in life. An informal setting of a festival is the most interesting and light way to learn and explore ideas. Students can then form focussed group discussions which can provide them a new set of innovations.

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