Engineering, the term derived from Latin, means cleverness and Engineers are meant to contrive and devise. They are the backbone of the country’s economy and are core to the overall development of people’s quality of life.  Origin of engineering educationin India dates back to British rule majorly for infrastructural development. Post-independence, Indian leaders acknowledged the significance of engineering education and established national, state/regional and divisional level engineering institutions. Till 1990, growth of institutions was steady but the scenario took an upturn with the advent of computer technology. 

Today, India produces around 1.5 million engineers from its 6000+ colleges every year. Top 10 Engineering colleges in Rajasthanowns the responsibility of producing competent andskilled engineers to cope with the changing requirements of the industry. In future, traditional engineering courses may be replaced by new age technology courses such as, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics etc.

Teaching Engineering demands well qualified professionals and need a closer collaboration between industry and institutions to drive innovation and research. The core of quality engineering education in topbtech colleges in Rajasthan is teaching- learning process and is expected to combine efforts of both teachers and students to foster individual creativity and knowledge application.

The Curriculum is developed to encompass the objectives of curriculum, subject matter, mode of transaction and assessments, replacing traditional practices of lecture and demo methods, which had highly teacher – centric approach.  The learning experience of thestudents in colleges is enhanced through methods such as experiential learning, participative learning, project based learning, industrial visits, guest lectures and problem solving methodologies.

With new technologies on the rise, engineering with specialist knowledge only can cope with the job market requirements.  With technology dominant industry, engineers are more relevant and find suitable career. 

The engineering education in best private engineering college in Jaipur has undergone a paradigm shift. The reasons cited are:

  • Engineering education has taken a multidisciplinary approach with a need for self-learning and interactive learning.
  • Engineering education has undergone a change from content based to outcome based learning.
  • Focus is more on producing industry ready and employable engineering graduates.
  • Basic concepts are sidelined and high end technologies are given importance.

Engineering educators in top 10 engineering colleges in Rajasthan adopt innovative teaching-learning process. Few of the important features of such process are:

  1. Revision  of  teaching  –  learning  pedagogies  by  incorporating  innovative  teaching  practices  for  enhancing  the learning experience.
  2.  Learner-Centric teaching practices
  3.  Emphasis on outcome based education.
  4. Partnerships between industry and institutions, institutions-institutions, institutions – professional bodies.
  5.  Creation of research culture.
  6.  Exposure to current industrial practice.
  7.  Provision to foster innovation and creativity.

In a nutshell, if we look into the structural changes in engineering studies, it is clear that the shift has made positive changes and learning outcomes have improved both quantitatively and qualitatively.

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