In modern times, interactive learning in colleges has come to be recognized as an important tool of learning. Technology enabled classrooms, particularly those employing the use of digital whiteboards, have increasingly become a new normal. As a result, lessons are now innovatively designed and have been more students centered than ever before.

Basic Features of Interactive Learning


Student-to-student and Teacher-Student collaboration is the most appropriate way to facilitate learning. Private B.Tech College in Jaipur provide students with guidance to learn more efficiently about the subject in a collaborative setting which involves a quick consultation with teachers and fellow mates making efficient use of online tools.

Freedom of Choice

Students are motivated to opt for a method that suits their style of learning which could range from writing essays to presenting videos.

Course Correction

In college settings, where interactive classrooms are present, there is immediate feedback system where students interact with teachers at the time of lesson delievery. This is equivalent to provision of opportunities where course correction can happen.


Enhanced Quality of Engagement

Passivity on both ends (Students and Teachers) is replaced by interactive learning and teaching, which might result into 60% up well in student engagement and retention of lessons. This process commonly depicts as alternative knowledge dispersal techniques like paraphrasing.

Life Preparation

Private B.Tech College in Jaipur provides chances to students to gain insights into practical knowledge. With interactive learning, teachers are able to integrate real-life applications of the subject matter with the use of online tools and techniques.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Teachers no longer have to encourage students for rote learning and fact repetition from prescribed textbook contents. They can depend on creativity rendered by tools and methods involved in interactive teaching. Teachers have a wide range of choice to design varying lesson plans, suiting the requirements of students.

Benefits of Interactive Learning


Interactive learning allows teachersto enhance their capabilities which include addition of video and audio outlets that were not possible earlier.

Cost Saving

Resources availability and their management has been a subject of concern in traditional method of education. With Interactive teaching in place and digitization of education, concern about availability and management of resources has been addressed.

Fun filled learning

Combined with its ability to involve elements of engagement and collaboration employment of interactive learning into classrooms of Private B.Tech College in Jaipur can be an experience of fun based learning.Teachers have the freedom to turn content into a game and make classroom a fun place to be.

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