Knowing about HTML

Are you an engineering graduate who is keen on learning website designing and development? Then learning coding language like HTML is essential for you. While a student can learn the fundamentals of HTML during his school time, for becoming a professional coder, knowing and exceling the process of advanced coding is significant. In B. Tech College in Jaipur, students pursuing computer engineering are taught about advanced HTML.

What is HTML?

HTML is a simple technology to learn that once students get just a primary understanding, they can start building web pages without much thought about learning anything more about the fundamentals of HTML.

The differences between logical and physical tags is one of the key fundamental idea in HTML that, when understood, can have a large impact on a web designer’s way of doing things.

Logical tags vs. Physical tags

Logical Tags

In HTML there are both logical tags and physical tags. Logical tags are designed to describe (to the browser) the enclosed text’s meaning. An example of a logical tag is the <strong></strong> tag. By placing text in between these tags, you are telling the browser that the text has some greater importance.

Physical Tags

Physical tags on the other hand provide specific instructions on how to display the text they enclose. Examples of physical tags include:

<b>: Makes the text bold.

<i>: Makes text italic.

Physical tags are more straightforward; <i> makes the text italic, <b> makes text bold and <font> is used to set the font face and color for the text.

Advantages of HTML as a language-

  • Easy to learn- The syntax of the language is quite flexible and it is very easy to learn and useful for coding. For its easiness, it is used by most of the programmers and web developers. The beginners for coding are taught about it and further, special classes are conducted in B. Tech college in Jaipur, for advanced HTML.
  • Highly feature enabled- It has various templates which are utilized by the coders and make the design of web page interesting and user friendly.
  • It is not browser specific- The language is universal and is supported by every kind of  browser. It relieves the coder of the worry whether what he has written is worth it or not.
  • Data can be stored- It can prove to be of great place for storage of data like XML syntax.

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