Excited about joining extracurricular activities in Private Technical College in Rajasthan? They can help to enhance existing scientific skills and knowledge and they can help you to build useful soft skills that will help you during the course of your engineering career.

Start a Science or Engineering Related Blog

Blog writing- Keeping a blog is a useful way to both practice your scientific writing and mark yourself out as an independent thinker in your chosen field. And, depending on what kind of website or blog platform you want to use, you can also gain some useful skills in web design, coding and software development.

If you are starting to develop an interest in a particular engineering pathway, you could discuss current trends and developments in your field. If you’re already working towards a STEM qualification, be it a science-related A-levels or an apprenticeship, you can write a reflective blog on your experiences and professional development.

Sharpen Your Science Writing Skills

There are a few science-writing related prizes and competitions out there and entering them is another useful means of sharpening your science writing skills and setting yourself apart as a contributor to an engineering field.

Join A Scientific Society

There are many organisations in Private Technical College in Rajasthan which have memberships for students and are worth investigating to demonstrate extracurricular engineering credentials. Not only do organisations like this allow you to network with people who have similar career interests to you, you can also take advantage of career resources that might help you make decisions on the right engineering pathway for you.

Enrol on A MOOC Course

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course and they are a great way to demonstrate your passion for engineering.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, then taking an engineering MOOC can be beneficial for you. MOOCs, EdX have some useful engineering courses that will help you develop your engineering skills and knowledge. Taking a course like this can also help to demonstrate that you are self-motivated and are interested in engineering and science outside the classroom.

Learn a new code

Learning code and programming language in top 10 engineering colleges in Rajasthan is an important skill for engineers of the future. Whether it’s through Codeacademy, Coursera, those MOOCs, or even YouTube, coding and programming is something that looks really good on your CV if you get started with it as early as possible.

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