Mental health issues faced by college students

During college life, students grow through countless new experiences. They are always in the process of change, always explore new things and challenges while barely reaching adulthood. Their college life has a great influence on their future life. What they will learn now and go through will mold them for their future. Their new introduction to freedom is desirable however it brings too many burdens and uncertainties with itself.

This phase of transition from a young adult to a mature adult might be exciting but it also brings too much pressure and insecurities, says the best private engineering college in Rajasthan. Students are targeted by society and also presented with many expectations and obligations. This pressure makes them vulnerable and also prone to many mental health issues that alter their health and lifestyle.

In this situation, the parents and college have to be more empathetic and understanding towards them and help them overcome this pressure. Courses like MBA and B.Tech put tremendous pressure on students’ mental health, as they require students to study extensively. They are required to complete assignments and projects regularly, which might put a lot of pressure on students. One of the best private technical colleges in Jaipur values students’ mental health. Regional College’s academic faculty is very supportive and assists students to face pressure healthily and makes them better equipped for their future.

Let’s look at some of the common mental issues faced by college students.

Mental issues faced by college students:


According to a recent study, one in five college students suffers from some form of self-loathing and sadness. With the increased popularity of social media, students have been comparing themselves based on social status, materialistic possessions, and appearances to others. This has led to an increased feeling of anxiety and sadness, leading to depression in college students.

Stress and anxiety

Students go through constant stress and worry about the extensive academic curriculum and career choices. Some students may turn up not satisfied with the college they end up in. This may lead to anxiety and stress and can eventually end up with the loss of appetite and suicidal thoughts.


All the constant worry, anxiety, and stress can make students feel extreme. To escape this feeling, students may end up using temporary unhealthy escape methods like alcohol, marijuana, and cigarettes. This can lead to both mental and emotional intricacies in their lives. All this can also affect their bodies in ways that might never be reversed. This is a vicious spiral and can ultimately lead to worsening their mental health.

Eating Disorders

Apart from cigarettes, marijuana, and other addictive unhealthy methods, students can even use food as a coping mechanism. They may overindulge or binge on food which would lead to a change in appearance and can affect their health. This would make them more miserable eventually.

All these were some of the most common mental health issues college students suffer from. They are at a very fragile age and are at higher risk of mental health problems. According to the best btech college in Jaipur professional care should be administered whenever a requirement is felt.

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