Communication and its vitality for engineers

It is a well-known myth that engineers need only good technical knowledge about the working of the engineering systems. But this is not true. More than hard skills which include technical knowledge, skills and competence, sometimes, soft skills such as higher level of spirit to collaborate and lead an entire team of sub engineers and project handlers comes into a larger picture and thus, being a professional and carrying an aptitude to perform technical tasks is not the only factor which are very significant. In this blog, we will understand what is communication, why is it especially important for engineers and what is the specific model of communication that an engineer of Best M.Tech college in Jaipur learn and adopt to, for excelling as a communicator.

What is communication?

Communication is a two-way process in which there is mostly two human components involved that is sender and receiver. There are various non-human components also involved which assists the process of communication which is medium, feedback and message. The sender in the case of an engineer working in a company or an organization are the project managers or the head of the engineering department, responsible for managing the whole of the project and thus, effective communication skills are all what it takes to coordinate with your teammates. There are several ways out to learn the techniques of effective communication in Best M.Tech college in Jaipur.

Importance of Communication for Engineers:

Engineers must communicate on a daily basis with each other, with supervisors, with people in different departments, and even with clients. Their work is complex and technical, but not everyone they work with has the same technical expertise, which makes it even more important for them to have good communication skills. Engineering managers communicate with clients and their own supervisors about new projects. They also relay project parameters and deadlines to their reports, while providing updates to their managers and clients. Good managers invest significant amounts of time in setting their engineers up for success. Moreover, regular communication builds trust and makes it easier for all team members to do their jobs efficiently.

Model of communication for engineers:

The concept of ‘communication’ brings different connotations to mind among different people. It may at first sight appear rather straightforward. However, there is one single model of communication which can be referred to which is of Shannon and Weaver who refers to the basic organisation of communication technology. The Shannon and Weaver model proposes that a basic system of communication may be thought of as being composed of five elements: source, transmitter, channel, receiver and destination and focuses on the dissemination of technical information. Students of Best M.Tech college in Jaipur are taught about how to apply this model in practical setting.