Engineering Institutes becoming Future-Ready

The COVID 19 pandemic brought in a novel set of challenges in front of the higher education system. Remaining resilient and focusing on mitigating the challenges has been of foremost priority of the education fraternity. The new normal scenario in the engineering sector is pushing educational institutions to revamp themselves and strive hard to build excellence in education, especially in the technical fields.

Education Scenario in Engineering Institutions-

The implementation of digital learning in higher education is rising gradually. Engineers from Best Private Engineering College in Rajasthan are enhancing their career by acquiring digital skills related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and wireless technologies.

Most of the educational institutes and colleges are equipped with modern facilities and investing highly in infrastructure development. There has been an update in curriculums and course structures. Faculty has been trained so that they can motivate students to build confidence. There has been an emphasis on practical skills rather than educating students about fundamental theories.

The focus has been shifted to outcome-based education, which evaluates the skills acquired during the study and creates new knowledge.

Role of National Education Policy

The National Education Policy (NEP) plays a significant role. The new National Education Policy is creating awareness in society about the importance of outcome-based education. Future generations will receive benefits from the changes. At Best Private engineering college in Rajasthan, outcome-based education has been in focus which prompts to upgrade the curriculum and syllabus based on the current industry needs and deliver in a project-based and problem-solving learning mode.

Campus Placement

During the pandemic and post pandemic period, a lot of practical coursework was completed through the online module which affected the employability of students passed out from Best Private Engineering College in Rajasthan.

A recent report by the top recruiting portal for the 2020-21 placement season highlighted how about 66 percent of students who got jobs did not receive their offer letters, while 44 percent faced deferred joining dates after being hired. The report highlighted how another 33 percent of students did not hear back from the employer about the status of their employment.

The students are focusing on subjects that have lucrative opportunities in the 21st century. Areas like automation and robotics, data science and data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, renewable energy, civil and mechanical engineering as well as biomedical engineering are high on demand. The students are developing the skills that are currently on demand to become future-ready.

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