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Role of Technology in Industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the whole process of change of the flow of value from centrally designed and resource-intensive products and services to knowledge-intensive decentralized services designed and produced with assistance from advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence throughout digital transformation. To fulfil the objective of replacing humans with machines, it is important to know the fact that there has to be potential machine experts who are required to be trained in the field of technology really well in order to establish a world relying on machines. This can be done when students who are passed out of Top 10 Engineering colleges in Rajasthan are equipped with the knowledge and skills in computer applications and machine learning.

While the concepts of Industry 1.0 to Industry 3.0 was largely based on human or a blend of machines and humans, with mostly more dependent on humans than machines, industry 4.0 completely relies on machines. It is a concept comprising of attributes like strong automation of the design, manufacturing and distribution stages of goods and services with effective use of Collective Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. In Industry 4.0, with the evolution of the Web, individuals are increasingly empowered by technology.

Artificial Intelligence-

In a judicious scrutiny, it is possible to understand AI as an artificial implementation of agents that use the same principles of Collective Intelligence.That is, instead of real objects, artificial neurons are used in a computational world (cloud), that in some ways simulate the real-world behaviour and thus obtain from the intelligence of the masses: decisions, responses, creations and feedbacks.There can be merging of the processes.

Some parts of virtual objects can be real and be invented by engineers passed out of Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan.While the other parts can be created from an AI approach called genetic algorithm. There are hundreds of cases that use AI, ranging from the detection of smiles on cameras and cell phones to cars that move autonomously in the midst of cars with human drivers in big cities. There are some future prospects in this field, which can be developed wisely by the able engineers of the country.

Each AI use case relies on a set of techniques that can involve Machine Learning, insights, discovery and optimal decision making throughout predictive and prescriptive advanced analytics and creative computing.

For an example, In the case of cab booking, there is a use of AI to generate competition and at the same time collaboration between drivers and passengers, which is complemented by AI algorithms in delivering a reliable transportation service at a lower cost.

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