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Some Creative ways to engage students

Students are the future of our country.Practical learning for studentsencourages better understanding with real-life examples. There are many ways to keep the students engaged to learn. The best engineering college in Jaipur is needed and applied some creative ways to engage students. It helps in the brainstorming of the students and students become more capable to solve complex problems. Some of the creative ways to engage students are as follows:

Assumption Busting

Everyone assumes various situations and different paradigms of ideas about the world. These assumptions can provide you a creative situation and promote creative thinking. Thus, Regional College is engaging students in assumptions busting with live projects. When students are engaged in live projects, they will assume risk, challenges, and possibilities with the task to go beyond the idea box.


The best way to engage students is brainstorming. It helps students to assess creative ways to solve the problems. It is a lateral thinking process by which students are asked to develop ideas or thoughts and need to improvise them. Regional college is the private technical college in Rajasthan which promotes brainstorming among students through assessments.

Concept Mapping

Regional College is the best engineering college in Jaipur and the first in the world who made a record of encompassing the largest assembly of robots. While you are designing a robot, you need to present knowledge in graphic form. Concept mapping allowsthe students to generate ideas, design complex structures, or communicate complex ideas. It helps in the effective implementation of the idea.

Story boarding

Story boarding can be compared to spreading students’ thoughts out on a wall as they work on a project or solve a problem. Story boards can help with planning, ideas, communications, and organization. This method allows students to see the interconnections, how one idea relates to another, and how pieces come together. Once the ideas flow, students become immersed in the problem and come up with innovative ideas.

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