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Knowing about HTML

Are you an engineering graduate who is keen on learning website designing and development? Then learning coding language like HTML is essential for you. While a student can learn the fundamentals of HTML during his school time, for becoming a professional coder, knowing and exceling the process of advanced coding is significant. In B. Tech […]

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Role of Technology in Industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0? Industry 4.0 is the whole process of change of the flow of value from centrally designed and resource-intensive products and services to knowledge-intensive decentralized services designed and produced with assistance from advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence throughout digital transformation. To fulfil the objective of replacing humans with machines, it is important

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Engineering: A Rewarding Career Path

Product design engineers possess a blend of imagination, technical intelligence, and problem-solving skills. These all are critical for the engineers to design complex products and solutions for various users. Students of Private B. Tech College in Jaipur are encouraged to develop creative thinking, pursue technical knowledge, and innovation and apply it to jobs every day.

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Effective Learning Techniques for Engineering students

In the world of technological change, the ability of finding and learning a new skill is rapidly becoming a requirement for the students of B. Tech College in Jaipur. Learning new things brings many advantages for engineering graduates. When they commit learning, they prepare themselves for success, no matter whether they want to expand the

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Trends in ICT

In today’s technological and globalized world, the Information and Communication Technology or ICT has opened diverse opportunities for students studying at the Private B. Tech College in Rajasthan. There are different parts of education. Teaching and learning have been changed with regards to the new context. There are some significant characteristics offered by the ICT which

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Making a career in Data Science and Machine Learning

At the core, data science is an area of study that aims to makes use of a scientific approach to extract meaningful insights from data. Data science refers to as “a combination of information technology, modelling, and business management.” Machine learning, on the other hand, refers to a group of techniques used by data scientists that

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Application of Matrices

Matrices are a two-dimensional arrangement of numbers in row and column enclosed by a pair of square brackets or we can say matrices are rectangular arrangement of numbers, expression, symbols which are arranged in column and rows. According to Private Technical College in Rajasthan, Matrices have many applications in scientific field and practical real-life problem.

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