All the laboratories are well equipped with latest machines and applications. As per the rolling wheel towards transformation and modernization after a short time span we keep on updating all our lab equipments with latest machines and applications.

The computer labs contain latest computers with dedicated broadband internet connection for students to utilize and learn. As Internet is the ocean of knowledge and to learn.

All the branch wise labs are also taken care of by the Head of departments by maintaining it and updating it with modern tools and techniques for students to learn and implement for their practical knowledge. Each laboratory has its own management and security purposes for young innovators. Proper diagrams and instruction tables with manuals are provided to students for help in performing experiments. A lab record has to be maintained for future reference by each single student.

And when it comes to safety we don’t question it. All the labs in our college have medical aid facility and even the students are provided with a lab technician to help them in their experiments and jobs. A proper dress code and safety methods are used and instructed to the young brains eager to explore.