Choosing a branch can be a tough task for engineering aspirants. After schooling, the students remain confused when it comes to selecting

As an engineering student from B. Tech College in Rajasthan, the candidate needs to be involved in extra co-curricular activities, apart from

The concept of applied thermodynamics can be best described as a science of the relationship between three phenomena. It mainly includes heat,

The COVID 19 pandemic brought in a novel set of challenges in front of the higher education system. Remaining resilient and focusing

Product design engineers possess a blend of imagination, technical intelligence, and problem-solving skills. These all are critical for the engineers to design

In the world of technological change, the ability of finding and learning a new skill is rapidly becoming a requirement for the

Engineering projects are complex, even when they are on a modest scale. Many different disciplines and technical specialties are required to attain

With the upsurge of the digital age, the role of modern engineers is changing. The digital age has different nature of work,

In today’s technological and globalized world, the Information and Communication Technology or ICT has opened diverse opportunities for students studying at the Private

At the core, data science is an area of study that aims to makes use of a scientific approach to extract meaningful




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Sarosh Khan
Company: Sahasra Group Batch: B.Tech. (EC)